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eye beholder manual

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eye beholder manual

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eye beholder manualCombat and magic happen in real time. Fight over a dozen different monster varieties and cast over 40 spells. A point-and-click interface makes exploring, fighting, spellcasting and handling objects easy. My e-mail is probably the best way to reach me quickly.It's been years since I last contacted Sleepy. If the email address doesn't work then I don't know how you would contact him.Now that the site is running properly again we will just have to wait to see if any of the editors return.Are new manuals not being added anymore?For more information on our stance on this topic and reasoning behind it, please check our FAQs page. If you are the copyright holder of anything listed herein and still want your documentation removed after reading the FAQ page, please send feedback and it will be removed. Please read our Privacy and Cookies Policy. ACCEPT Before I left I heardI am not sureI have visited both Amn and Calimshan, these cities have given usMy informants seem clear on thisThe only thing we. When have we NOT looked, Paladinson my friend. Where is it the City. Watch never patrol? Where would YOU hide from the Watch and the Lords of. Waterdeep without leaving the area of the city. I can only think that weI will return to the Council soon, my investigations here are clearlyPerhaps a new outlook willAnd that is. He hands you an official document withCommission and Letter of Marque This document is a binding commission of service to the Lords andTHe bearers of this document are agents ofAny who would dare interfere risk the fullInformation has been presented to us that there is a plot afoot in ourYou are granted full rights of marque. All treasures, artifacts, orThis writ is made legal and binding bu our mark on this fifth day of. Marpenoth in the year of Shadows. Introduction The Eye of the Beholder World The action takesFORGOTTEN REALMS game world. Everything in Eye of the Beholder is from your point of view. Watch theWaterdeep. Pick up itms by grabbing them.http://eg-steel.com/userfiles/eheim-2329-manual.xml

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Open doors with keys or bySee monsters draw nearer toAttack by using the weapons your charactersThose in the front of theA key to playing Eye of the Beholder is understanding the differenceTaking involoves actions suck as pickupButton, or choosing from lists such as picking spells to cast orThis Rule Book explains how to play the game, the effect of magicThe Data Card contains information on how to load the game and play itIt also explains how to get right into theCopy Protection There is no physical copy protection on your Eye of the Beholder disks,To assure that you have a legitamate copy of the game there will be aYou must find theGetting Started Quickly A saved game containing a pre-built party comes with your game. To getData Card. GAME RULES Building a Party You must generate four characters to have a complete party. A good mixClerics and mages support theThieves areGenerating Characters To make a character Select one of the four Character boxes. After youGenerally you can change your last choice byRace There are six races, or species to choose from:Different races areFor more information see the. Races section. Class Classes are occupations. Some races have the option of having more thanPaladins will not join parties with evilAlignment Alignment is the philosophy by which a character lives and deals withPaladins, for example, can only be. Lawful Good. The choices are:If you already have aFor more information seePortrait You must Select the picture, or Character Portrait, that represents theDuring the game the position of the portrait onSelect the arrows to display sets of portraits, and then select yourAbility Scores Ability scores are generated for the character after you Select the. Character Portrait. These are a summary of the charater's naturalEach character has the followingFor more information see the Ability ScoresAfter attribute scores are generatedReroll Generates a new set of ability scores for the character.http://gabortech.com/admin/eheim-aquarium-pump-manual.xml Modify Allows you to selectively change the character's ability scores and hitSelect the Plus or Minus button to alter the score. Select the OK ButtonFaces Return to the portrait selection option. Keep Accepts the character into the party. Name your character after selecting Keep and the new character will joinWhen the Party is Complete When you have generated four characters that you happy with select the. Play Button below the Character Portraits to begin the game. Characters that Join the Party (NPCs) In addition to the four regular characters, up to two more non-playerAs you adventure theseIf you accept, they joinOccasionally NPCsNPCs may leave your party or youHere you can see the area around yourGate Gates occasionally block your path. Each gate may be different. For example,Button Buttons and lever can be found on the walls near some gates Item Treasure, food, weapons, and other items can be found throughout theCompass This indivates the party's heading. Use the compass to maintain yourThe compass is replaced by the. Spell Menu when the characters cast spells. Front Rank Characters These two characters are the only ones that can attack with meleeRear Rank Characters These characters are away from the front line risks and can only attackCharacter Portrait Select this to choose a character or view his equipment. If the. Character Portrait is grayed, the character is unconcious. If it isSpell Effect Box A colored line around a character shows that the character is affectedSee your Data Card for a description of the colors on your computer. Name Bar Use this to exchange positions of party members. Use one Name Bar andPrimary Hand Generally a character carries a weapon in his primary hand. TheSecondary Hand. Use in-hand weapons to attack monsters. Secondary Hand Generally a character carriers a shield, secondary weapon, spell book,Only fighters,Weapon Use in-hand weapons to attack monsters.https://labroclub.ru/blog/david-white-meridian-8090-manual This is identical for both meleeWhen you Use a spell bookWhen the menu is displayed. Select a Level Button and then the spell. Holy Symbol Use this to cast cleric spells. To cast cleric spells Use a holy symbolWhen the menu is display. Select a level button and then a spell. Paladins invoke their naturalHit Point Bar This displays the character's current condition. Color changes indicateSee your Data Card for a description of colorsCamp Button Select this to rest the party, memorize spells, and heal the party. TheSee the Camp section for moreSee Eating in the Actions section. Food Packet Food can be found in the dungeon. Plate Take food and Select it on the plate to have a character eat. Backpack Items carried in the character's backpack are shown here. Quiver Indicates any arrows the character has. Select arrows over the quiver toFOr example, rings arePrimary Hand Shows what the character has in his primary or 'weapon' hand. Secondary Hand Shows what the character has in his secondary hand. Belt Pouch Up to three items can be carried in the character's belt puch. If theCharacter Screen Character Portrait Select this to return to the Adventure Screen. Hit Point Bar Displays the character's current condition. Food Bar Indicates if the charcter has enough good. Class This is the character's occupation (or occupations if the character isAbility Scores Represent the character's natural abilities and strengths. Current Experience Represents how much the character has learned throughout the adventure. When the character gains sufficient experience, his level increases. Current Level How far the character has advanced in his class. Other Page Button Select this to return to the Equipment Screen. Camp Screen Rest Party Select to have the party rest, heal, and memorize spells. When youThe amount of time the party rests is based on the highest number andA party's rest may beCharacters who have a blank Food Bar cannot regain spells until they eat. Memorize Spells Select to choose or examine the set of spells the mage will learn whenThe numbers to the right of the spellButton to choose spells of another level. Select the Exit Button to endPray for Spells Select to choose or examine the set of spells the character will learnThe numbers to the right of theHighlighted numbers are unmemorized spells. Select the Clear Button to blank any unmemorized spell choices or a. Level Button to choose spells of another level. Select the Exit ButtonScribe Scrolls Transfers spells from a scroll to a spell book. After Selecting Scribe aPreferences Select to control game functions such as sounds and display. Prefences Menu. Sounds This turns sound effects on and off. Bar Graphs This changes between displaying hit points as a bar graph or numericThis may not be available onGame Options MenuSave Game stores the current game to disk. Saving regularly is a goodQuit Game exits Eye of the Beholder. Exit Select to leave the Camp Menu ACTIONS The following section describes how to perform most actions in teh game. The basic parts of each action are the Take, Use, and Select functions. These are described for each computer in the Data Card. The Data CardAttack Monster To attack monsters Use a character's in-hand weapons. Only the frontCharacters in teh rearCamp Select the Camp Button on the bottom right side of the screen. CampCast Cleric Spell Use the character's inhand holy symbol. The holy symbol can be in theSelect the spell Level Button from teh Spell. Menu and then the spell to cast. Select target characters for any spellAttack spells can only be launched atCast Magic Use Spell Use the character's in-hand spell book icon. THe spell book can be inSelect the spell Level Button from the Spell. Select target characters for any spellAttack spells can only be launched atCast a Cleric Scroll Spell Use an in-hand scroll. The scroll is consumed when the spell isCast a Mage Scroll Spell Use an in-hand scroll. The Scroll is consumed when the spell isChange Order of Characters To change the order of the party Use the Name Bar of one character fromThe two willDrop an Item Select an item, carry it to the 3-D window and Select it again below theTo throw an item Select itEat Go to the Equipment Screen, Take food and Select it over the character's. Plate. Examine Character's Equipment Select a Character Portrait from the Adventure Screen. Examine Character Information Select a Character Portrait from the Adventure Screen, the Select the. Next Page Button. Examine Part of the Dungeon Move the cursor over an item, such as a dagger or body, or a dungeonInformation about the selected item orFire a Ranged Weapon (Bow or Sling) Place the weapon in the character's primary hand and place ammunition inSelect again over the hand. As you fire the weapon, replacement ammoFire a Ranged Weapon (Dagger or Dart) Use any in-hand dagger or dart. Replacements are automatically drawnForce Open a Gate Select the bottom of a partially open gate to attempt to force it open. The strongest character automatically makes the attempt. Give an Item To have a character move an item from his Equipment Screen to another. Take the item, Select the Next or Previous Button until you reach theManipulate Dungeon Features Move the cursor over a dungeon feature, such as a leaver, button, or aCharacters cannot pray for new spells if they are starving. Memorize Mage Spells Look under the Spells option in the Camp section. Characters cannot pray for new spells if they are starving. Move in Dungeon Select the Movement arrows or the keyboard commands described in your. Data Card. Open a Gate Gates throughout the sewers are not all opened n the same fashion. SomeTo open these place theIf the door is looked, you need to. Select a key over the lock or a thief may Select a lockpick over thePick a Lock To pick a lock Take the thief's lockpicks and select it over the lock. The thief character will automatically attempt to disarm any traps heTake an Item Move the cursor over the item and Take it. To place it in a backpack orSelect the portrait to get the Equipment Screen and Select the item overTo drop an item Select itThis type of throwing is not the same. Ranged Weapon. Turn Undead Paladins of third-level or higher and all clerics automatically attempUndead approaching the party from the backUnlock a Gate To unlock a gate Take a key and Select it over the lock. Wear an Item To wear an item, such as armor, a helmet, or a ring, Take the item andTo get to the. Equipment Screen from the Adventure Screen carry the item over the. Character Portrait and Select the picture. PLAYER REFERENCE Characters Your adventuring party is made up of up to four characters, each withEvery character has aRace is the charater's speciesSome races areThe basic choices of class are: cleric, fighter,Attribute scores define theRaces Dwarves are a short, heavily built demihuman race. They stand between 4Dwarves live from 350 to 450 years. TheyDwarves are by nature non-magical, and have innate resistances to spellsElves do not like the confines ofElves of all classes are taught archery from a very young age, and theyWhere dwarves are taciturn and hard working, the gnomes are moreGnomes are fairly Half-elves have the greatest selection of class combinations of any ofThey are sturdy, industrious, and generallyHalflings are well liked by nearly allTypically they live around 70 years. Human societies are moreFighter-types - fighters, rangers, andThieves are very handy when the party runs acroossA character with prime requisite score(s) or 16Clerics are warrior priest, men and women who carry their faith in theirCleric training includes the use ofThey can use any typeCleric magic differs from mage spells in that cleric magic is of divineThey receiveWhile mages study and pour over their spells to imprint the rituals inClerics automatically attempt to turn undead,As clerics advanceTable).Fighter training includes use and maintenance of all manner of weaponsFighters cannot cast any type of magical spell, nor would they as a ruleThey can use any typeFighters gain speed as well as skill when they go up in levels. HighMages tend to beMages cannot wear any type of armor. This is because they have noAlso because of their lack of martialMages become very powerful as they increase in level.Lawfulness and good deeds are their meat and drink, and they lead livesPaladins willLike other high levelIn addition to skill in all types of arms and armor, paladins havePaladins are immuneAll evil attackers suffer aAt third-level, paladins can turn undead as a cleric two levels belowPaladins prayPaladins can use the following cleric spells. Bless, Cure Light Wounds, Detect Magic, Protection From Evil, Slow. Poison.They are taught toWhen wearing studded leather or lighterarmor, rangers can fight withLike other high levelSome are malcontents, who preyAdventurers long ago learned that a skilledAs thieves gain levels they become moreBecause they need to move freely and quietly thieves' abilities areThe possibilities encompass a range of views from believing strongly inAlignment is presented in two parts:World View Lawful indicates that the character understands himself to workNeutral indicates that the character moves between valuing society andChaotic indicates that the character values the individual (himself)Ethics Good indicates the character tries to act in a moral and upstandingEvil indicates the character acts either with no regard for others orRange:0. Duration:Special. Area of Effect:Once Character With this spell the mage can surround a character with a magical fieldThe spell has no effect onThe spell lasts until the. Dispel Magic is cast. Burning Hands. Range:Close. Duration:Instantaneous. Area of Effect:One target When a mage casts this spell, a jet of searing flame shoots from hisThe spell does one to three pointsFor example, a 10thDetect Magic. Range:0. Duration:Short. Area of Effect:Carried items This spell allows a mage to determine if any of the items carried byAll magic items in theMagic Missile. Range:Long. Area of Effect:One target The mage creates a bolt of magic force that unerringly strikes oneMagic Missiles do greater damage as aInitially, Magic Missile does two to fiveRange:0. Duration:Short to medium. Area of Effect:Spell-caster This spell produves an invisible barrier in front of the mage thatIt also offers AC2 against hurledArmor spell. THe spell duration increases with the level of the caster. Shocking Grasp. Duration:Variable or until mage touches a monster. Area of Effect:One target This spell magically charges the caster's hand with a powerfulWhen the spellThe spell does one to eight points plusFor example a 10th level mage doesThe amount of time it takes the spell toSecond Level Mage Spells Invisibility. Area of Effect:One target This spell causes the target to vanish from sight. The invisibleRange:Long. Area of Effect:One target This spell creates a magical arrow that launches itself at a target asThe arrow does two to eight points ofFor example, at 3rd to 5th level the arrowStinking Cloud (Not in the game according to the Datacard). Range:Medium. Duration:Medium. Area of Effect:Target square This spell creates a billowing mass of noxious vapor. Any creature orThird Level Mage Spells Dispel Magic. Area of Effect:Whole Party This spell negates the effects of any spell affecting the party. DIspelRange:Long. Area of Effect:Target square A fireball is an explosive blast of flame that damages everything in theFor example a 10th levelFlame Arrow. Area of Effect:One target The caster of this spell can fire a flaming energy 'arrow' that does 3When the mage reaches 10th level the amountRange:0. Duration: Medium. Area of Effect: One target per caster level This spell causes all targets to move and fight at double their normalHold Person. Area of Effect:One to four targets This spell can affect humans, demihumans, or humanoid creatures. Creatures that are affected become rigid and unable to move or speak. Spell duration increases with the level of the caster. Invisibilty 10' Radius. Area of Effect:Entire party This spell is similar to the second-level invisibility spell, exceptIf an individual character is hitLightning Bolt. Area of Effect:2 square This spell alows the mage to cast a powerful bolt of electrical energy. The spell flies to its first target and then continues into the nextFor example, a 10th level mage doesVampiric Touch. Duration:One attack. Area of Effect:Caster When the caster touches an opponent with a successful attack, the spellFor example,These points inWhen the spell is cast a handRange:0. Area of Effect:2 squares When this spell is cast the mage projects an invisible cone of terror. Any creature affected by the spell will turn tail and run from theThe spell's duration increasesRange:Medium to long. Area of Effect:A cross-shaped area of 3x3 squares The magically created storn this spell produces is a pounding torrent ofRange:0. Area of Effect:1 character This spell grants the recipient virtual immunity to any attack by cut,Stoneskin protect the user from almostThe spell lasts for one to four attacks plus oneFor example, a 9th level mageFifth Level Mage Spells Cloudkill (Not in this game according to the datacard). Area of Effect:Target square This spell creates a billowing cloud of ghastly yellowish-green vaporThe spell'sCone of Cold. Area of Effect:3 squares This spell causes the mage to project a chilling cone of sub-zero cold. The numbing cone causes two to five points of damage per level of theHold Monster. Area of Effect:One square This spell is similar to the Hold Person spell except that if affects aThe spell does not affect undead creatures. The spell's duration increases with the level of the caster. First Level Cleric Spells Bless. Area of Effect:Entire party Upon uttering this spell the morale of the entire party is raised. AllBless spells are notCause Light Wounds. Duration:Permanent. Area of Effect:1 target By casting this spell in the cleric can caus 1 to 8 hit points ofRange:0. Area of Effect:1 character By casting this spell on a wounded character the cleric can heal one toCure Light Wounds can be cast by paladins. Detect Magic. Area of Effect:Carried items This spell allows the caster to determine if any of the items carried byAll magic items in theDetect Magic can be castRange:0. Area of Effect:1 character This spell envelopes the recipient in a magical shell. The shellThe spell's durationCan be cast by paladins. Second Level Cleric Spells Aid. Area of Effect:One character This spell acts like a Bless spell plus it confers one to eight extraThe temporary hit points are subtractedThe spell'sFlame Blade. Range:Short. Area of Effect:One target This spell causes a blazing scimitar-like flame to leap from the caster'sRange:Long. Area of Effect:1 square This spell can affect human, dumi-human, or humanoid creatures. Slow Poison. Duration:Long. Area of Effect:1 character This spell slows the effects of any type of poison for a limited amountThe spell'sCan by cast by. Area of Effect:Special This spell allows the cleric to conjure nourishment for the entireDispel Magic. Area of Effect:Whole Party This spell negates the effect of any spell affecting the party. Dispel. Magic does not counter cure spells, but it will dispel Hold Person. Cloudkill, Bless and similar spells. Magical Vestment. Area of Effect:Caster This spell enchants the cleric's own robes, providing protection atThis spell isThe spell'sRange:0. Area of Effect:Entire party This spell is a more powerful version of the first-level Bless. ThisThe spell has no cumulative effect. THe spell's duration increases withRemove Paralysis. Area of Effect:1 to 4 characters This spell negates the effects of any type of paralyzation or relatedFourth Level Cleric Spells Cause Serious Wounds. Area of Effect:1 target This spell is identical to the 1st level Cause Light Wounds, except thatCure Serious WoundsDuration:Permanent. Area of Effect:1 character This spell is identical to the 1st level Cure Light Wounds, except thatNeutralize Poison. Area of Effect:1 character This spell detoxifies any sort of poison of venom and counters theThe spell cannot return to life characters whoProtection from Evil 10' Radius. Duration:Medium to Long. Area of Effect:Entire party This spell is identical to the 1st level spell except that it affectsRange:0. Area of Effect:1 character This spell grants protection from any type of electrical attack. If theIf the recipient is aThe spell durationFifth Level Cleric Spells Cause Critical Wounds. Area of Effect:1 target This spell is identical to the 1st level Cause Light Wounds, except thatCure Critical Wounds. Area of Effect: 1 character This spell is identical to the 1st level Cure Light Wounds, except thatFlame Strike. Area of Effect:Target square By means of this spell, the cleric calls down from the sky a column ofRange:0. Area of Effect:1 character This spell allows the cleric to attempt to restore life to any non-elvenWhenever a character is rasied his constitutionTABLES Cleric Experience Levels. Level EXP to Reach Level Hitpoints Level Exp to Reach Level Hitpoints Level Exp to Reach Level Hitpoints Level Exp to Reach Level Hitpoints Level Exp to Reach Level Hitpoints. Our healers were more than happyFrom the reports of the revelry IThe study of the scrolls,Now, we have Included with thisCaptain of the City Guard of Waterdeep.On the second path off the northThere was a However, the carriage horsesThe only thing missing from the carriage seemed toThere, she pointed out a deeply The attackerThe box contained The journal People who he met during Rather than forward the entire I trust youOnly as I fell did I realise thatI fell headlong intoSuddenly a warmI slowly opened my eyes. Before meIn the brightness. I could only the outline of fine features and a dark complexion beneath theI put my hand to my head. My head throbbed, but neither my head nor my handIn the woods, there was a quiet village on a dark, overcast day. PeasantsA woman in a blue gown adornedIn the woods outside the village, dark figures moved into position. FromOthers swore at him. Many just turned to walkThe slender elvenThe dark elfMany peasants froze where they stood. Some picked up stones but dared not throw them. The drow slowly passedHe looked down at his hand and saw a singleHis mad eyes blazed with hatred. Some villagers tried to flee, others to fight. ItAll inside were cut down. NotI awoke with my head resting upon theIt seems to be an artifact of the drow, andMy first task is to track down theThe colour of theIn part it reads:Could you please look into this matter? I willThere was no village nor a Lord Torzac. OurLarge trees nowGiven the size of the trees,The guide is aLike my last guide, Insal is of very minimalTorzac. There seem to be no human settlements in the area. This is good,I attempted toIn the end. Insal leered at both women so they left in a huff. I have discharged Insal so that I can travel more quickly. He seemedWith luck I should return to WaterDeep in time to THe action takesREALMS gameworld. Open door with keys, by pressing buttons orSee monsters draw nearer to you and close in forIt also explains how to get right into the gameA picture will appear withYou must find the matching illustration in theHowever, anything that you can do with the mouse, you can also do with theUse the W,A,S and Z keys like a cursor key pad toThey are theYou can also see the items from theTo swap the position of two characters, hold down the shift key and pressTo use these commands, place theThis includes attacking with weapons, openingChoose the level of the spell to cast byCast the spell by pressing space. ColseTo select an option in. Camp us the cursor keys to move the highlight to the desired options andYou may use these keypad commands when youA - Move item highlight box lefft. S - Move item highlight box right. Z - Move item highlight box down. F1-F6 - Select character short cut. Sh F1-F6 - Swap character positions. G - Get an item from the floor in the 3D view. D - Drop an item onto the floor in the 3D view. T - Throw an item into the 3D view. M - Manipulate an item in the 3D view. (push a button, pull a U - Use an in-hand item from the adventure screen. (attack, If you left-click you will find yourself pickingThe other hand is greyed out. If you want you could place an item in theThe two characters with portraits on the top rowConsider the other characters as being in the rearTo attack with a thrown weapon, right-click on theAfter the fight, you will have to goArrows for bows must be placed in theTo attack with a ranged weapon, right-click onAfter the fight, you will have toOnce spells are memorised or prayed for, they are ready to use. However,Before you go into any serious combat, have your spellcasters memoriseThey must memorise these spells before using them. This is becauseRepeat this for all the different levelsRepeat the above process for all the spellcasters in your party. From here on,To cast a spell, right-clickThe spell box apeears overClick on the level of the spell toIf the spell affedts a specificA good mix ofWarrior classesClerics and mages support the quest withThieves are handy whenYou can click on the Back button to change yourDifferent races areSome races have the option of having more than oneThe choices are: MODIFY - allows you to change characters ability scores and hit points. ForFACES - allows you to select a different character portrait. KEEP - places the character into your party line up. Name your character after selecting KEEP. Once you enter a name, the newTo delete, click on theAs you adventure, these charactersWhen other screens are active, they may overlayOnly the front rank charactersCharacters in the rearFighters, paladins and rangers can carry and fight with a second weapon,Camp gives youClick on the spell levelClick on the spell levelClick on targetThe scroll is consumed when the spell isThe scroll is consumed when the spell isThe two characters tradeIf it is replaced by a statueIf it is replaced by a skull the character isA red spell bos represents a spell thatA dashed spell box representsIf it is greenIf it is yellow, theIf it is red the character in unconscious.